Monday, August 25, 2014

The Rest of the Story...

Wow.  Busy Summer, I guess.  I haven't done too well at this "catching up" thing I said I would do.  Well, here's the rest of our trip in a nutshell.  Enjoy.

In many ways, this trip wasn't nearly long enough. About three weeks.  We saw so many wonderful things, and traveled to so many places where neither of us had ever been before.  This is only a tiny fraction of the pictures I took.  But, this trip was spent in hotels except for the week in Blaine, where our dear friends generously shared their two bedroom condo with us.  It's hard to sleep in a bed that who-knows-who has slept in when you get used to sleeping in your own bed in your own home-on-wheels.  So, we were thrilled to get home.  

Actually, we are always thrilled to get home.  We love to travel, but we missing family and friends is a constant ache.  That's why I'm so excited about the trip we are on right now!  Can't wait to tell you about it!  Maybe tomorrow....

We got to visit with missionary Suzanne Perry in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Here we are in Vancouver Rain Forest.  L-R, Cowboy, Suzanne, our friends Rita & Jim.

Garden on the Vancouver University campus.  Gorgeous!

The Cowboy was so excited to find a real old fashioned phone booth!

International Peace Arch

Under the Peace Arch.
View from our condo.

Jim and Rita flew home after our week in Blaine, Washington.  And the Cowboy and I hit the road again.  We saw buffalo at Teddy Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

We saw Mount Rushmore in South Dakota....
Carhenge was in Nebraska...
The largest copy of a Van Gogh painting I've ever seen was in Kansas...

And, our last night on the road, we stopped at Shamrock, Texas.  This is the old filling station on Route 66 that inspired the station in the movie "Cars".  Recognize Mater?

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