Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dear Mickey, It's Over Between Us...

...and, it's not me, it's you.  You've changed.  You've thrown away your innocence and been led astray by celebrity and wealth.  You've lowered your standards while raising your prices.

I will always remember the way it was in the beginning.  You enchanted me with your talented cast members, your attention to detail, and your unceasing efforts to please me and my family.

Actually, I'm sure I will be back to see you sometime in the near future.  But only because I still have Disney Dream Dollars that need to spent there.  Gotta spend that free money! (Thank you Visa)

But, now, I've found a new love.  After years of telling my Cowboy that we really ought to go to Silver Dollar City while we are in Branson, we finally did it.  And we did it up good.  We got season passes (which cost less than your one day price!) We stayed at Branson Ridge RV Resort (less than 2 miles from SDC!) for two weeks, so we were able to go to the park several times, stay for a while, then go back to the resort and rest or swim or play pool in the recreation room or whatever.

Silver Dollar City reminds me a little of the way Six Flags over Texas started.  It tells a story, in a way.  A story about the way things used to be.  Besides the rides and other attractions, there are crafts people throughout the park, demonstrating things like candy making, blacksmithing, pottery, and glass blowing.  There's a real honest to goodness cave to explore.  And there is entertainment all over the place!

Championship Cloggers

Sons of the Silver Dollar

Beautiful landscaping everywhere we looked!

Me and Tim after we rode the log ride (my favorite!)  I'm soaked, but Tim just got a little damp.  Sorry about the glare behind him.

There's lots of water features, and it's all clear as can be, not colored some weird blue green like most amusement parks.  I assume that's because it's fed by the clear mountain streams in the area.

There are log cabins that are 100 years old.  There's even an old log church where they hold actual church services on Sunday!  The rest of the week they have hymn sing alongs in the church several times a day.  

At the "Saloon" there's a show called Mean Murphey Rides Again...so much talent!  We laughed til it hurt!

At McHaffie's Homestead, another log cabin, the Homestead Pickers play and sing lots of blue grass and gospel songs.

In Heritage Hall, we saw the world famous Harlem Globetrotters!

But our favorite show of all was at the Echo Hollow Ampitheatre.  It's built into the side of the mountain, and it's huge, but we managed to snag a seat on the very front row.  That was important, because we were there to see a very special performer...

  Allen Asbury

It was a wonderful show, and we got to talk to him afterwards.   He performed my favorite Somebody's Praying Me Through, and a bunch of older hymns, and even a bit of rock and roll!  It was great! For those of you who don't know, he married a girl from our hometown, and he has performed at our church twice. 

So, Mickey, you simply no longer measure up.  I will forever hope and pray that you will return to your original shining ideals.  Soon.

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