Sunday, May 20, 2012

Going Home Day

It's going home day.  I'm always sad on going home day.  Until we get about halfway home, then I perk up and can hardly wait to see friends, family, my house, the horses...  A part of me would love to sell the sticks and bricks, and live in the 5er full time, but, honestly, I think we have the best of both worlds right now.

As usual on going home day, Cowboy is rushing me to get everything put up and ready to ride this morning.  The night before, he always says we're not going to get in a hurry.  But, about mid morning, when he sees the time flying by, he starts getting antsy.

So here's the highlights of the last few days, bullet style:

* We moved from Lake Pointe RV Resort at Canyon Lake to Pecan Park RV Park in San Marcos.
*We came here because the two grandgirls were competing in the All-State Music Competition at Texas State University in San Marcos.  They did great! The oldest got an "Outstanding" award (the highest ranking possible) and the youngest got "Superior" (the next highest ranking).  I'm a proud Grammy.  And they have promised me a private concert as soon as we get home!
*Tim played golf at Landa Park in New Braunfels, which left me most of a day to amuse myself. After a wild shopping spree at the dollar store, I drove a couple of miles to the old town of Gruene, and walked around the neat old buildings.  This is one of the many bed and breakfasts there.

Then, drove back to Landa Park.  It is so beautiful.  It was still too hot to walk around much, so I rode the miniature train!  

Then, I took my walk through the park.  Such a magical place.  Even on a weekday, there were families at almost every picnic table, enjoying  the shade and the beauty.  The river is gorgeous, but I was really fascinated with this ancient tree.  It's so old and so heavey, they had to prop it up with brick pillars!  They say the Native Americans used to bend young trees to the ground to show the tribe following behind which way to go.

Back at the golf course (the prettiest course I've ever seen) waiting for Cowboy, I got a couple more pretty good pics.

Until this fella showed up.  Does he look innocent to you?  Yeah, he did to me, too.  Until I realized he was eyeing my toes like I ogle the dessert table at my favorite restaurant!  Two seconds after I snapped this photo, he attacked!  I had to run to the pickup for safety! 

Oops...Time to go!  Cowboy just came back in, dismayed to see me still typing away.  And I didn't even get to the part about him killing the RATTLESNAKE RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR DOOR!!! yesterday. 

One more stop on the way home to see a glass blowing demonstration with the kids.  And maybe a stop for lunch.  And one or two (or six!) potty breaks.  Then we'll be home. 

Oh, dear, I never know how to end these things.  See ya later?  So long for now?  'Til next time!
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