Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wimberly & Fredericksburg

Have I mentioned that I love the Texas Hill Country?  When we were young and broke, this was about as far as we could get away on our (very) limited budget, and then only for a couple of nights.  What a luxury to be able to stay for a week or more and explore to our heart's content!  I love retirement!  I love our 5th wheel! 

We spent the last couple of days wandering through Wimberly and Fredericksburg.  Still great little towns, but I couldn't help feeling nostalgic for the way they used to be, nearly 40 years ago when we first discovered them.  In fact, I was so put off by the heavy, LOUD, traffic in Fredericksburg, I didn't even think to take any pics.  It's still a cool town, lots of great old buildings, a fascinating history, and cool shops.  Just very loud with all the traffic.  Charlie didn't like it at all.

So here's some photos.  Hope they don't take too long to load.

Scenic drive between Wimberly and Blanco, called "The Devil's Backbone"

Wimberly Welcoming Committee?

I don't know when my Cowboy posed for this sculpture!  But I wish I could buy it. 
That horse is not at all like Vanita, though.

I think my friend Susan and I ate at this restaurant 21 years ago when we took a weekend Girl's Getaway trip.  It was brand new back then.  Now it looks like it's been there 100 years.

Beautiful creek/river in Wimberly.  There was a cabin for rent right beside this spot.  Heaven.

Guess that's enough photos for now.  We're off to New Braunfels today...Tim to play golf, me to shop and find a place to get my walking done for the day.  Did I mention that I love retirement?!!!!
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