Saturday, June 27, 2015

Honey Grove

Here's the photos from Honey Grove, Texas.  Honey Grove calls itself "The Sweetest Town in Texas."  I had to see for myself, so Tim graciously indulged my whim and drove the 15 miles to see what was so sweet.  He hunted for a geocache while Charlie and I walked around the square and took pictures.

According to Wikipedia, David Crockett rode through the area on his way to the Alamo in 1836.  He wrote home about all the honey-filled trees he found, and that's how the town got it's name.  He helped found the town, and told friends he intended to settle here, but then history happened.  

One other interesting factoid I found while searching the 'net is that an episode of the TV series One Tree Hill was filmed in Honey Grove.  The episode was titled "It Gets Worse at Night" if you want to look it up.  I've never watched that series, but I may have to take a look!

But, by far the coolest thing about the town are the many old buildings still surviving.  Here's just a few.

McKenzie United Methodist Church

First Baptist Church of Honey Grove

Honey Grove City Hall.  These brick streets run all the way around the spacious town square.  Love!

Bertha Voyer Memorial Library.
An inscription on the side of the building says 
for the Cultural Advancement 
of the Citizens of 
the Red River Valley"

I have no idea.  

The post office is in the middle of the square.  
Honey Grove is in Fannin County.  
Bonham is the county seat.

First State Bank Building.  
Looks like it is being restored.
The buildings may be a little tired and run down, 
but these streets are perfect!

Another building I couldn't identify.  These days it houses an antique shop.  
I saw at least three antique shops around the square.  
It was too hot to leave Charlie in the car, so we didn't do any browsing.

I haven't seen too many wildflowers this trip, but someone had planted these 
beautiful Passion Flowers along the sidewalk just off the square.  

We left Bonham yesterday morning and drove to Millwood Landing RV Resort, near Ashdown, Arkansas.  So many of the bridges crossing the Red River are closed, we felt blessed that the crossing Tim chose was still open.  So yesterday was pretty routine...just unhooking from our site, driving, then hooking everything back up in the new site.  

We've been here so many times, it's almost like coming home.  We went to our "favorite" nearby restaurant for dinner last night (the only restaurant within 15 miles!) We even have a church in Ashdown that we consider "our" church when we're here.  Not that any of the members there know us.  But we did meet the preacher a couple of years ago, and he's a Fort Worth native, so we somehow feel connected.  

Millwood Lake is totally flooded.  The Millwood State Park, which is right next to the lake is completely under water, except for the office.  And it rained again last night.  We need to drive into Texarkana today, if we can find a bridge that's open.  

This is our constant prayer.

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