Thursday, June 25, 2015

Starting Out with a BANG...

Well, we didn't actually hear a bang, but we did have a flat, if not a blow-out, just 50 miles from home yesterday.  Bummer.  But thanks to a "Good Samaritan"  with a better jack than the one we carry, the spare was put in place and we were soon back on the road.

First stop - Bonham State Park
What a gem!  Tiny little park, surrounding a tiny little lake...but absolute perfection!  Here's the Visitor Center.  I've talked to 2 of the park employees so far, and they are just so laid back and friendly.  One gentleman worked at Mineral Wells State Park several years ago, and vaguely remembered one of our friends.  So we talked about our love of small towns, and how we avoid Dallas whenever possible.  Nice to find a kindred spirit! 

Group Picnic Pavillion

Paddle Boat Dock

These campsites are vacant.  There are only about 21 water/electric campsites here, and most of them are vacant right now.  It is so peaceful and quiet.  The sites are quite level, and most are shaded.

The view from our site.

Canada Geese

More views of the Visitor Center.

I took more pictures this morning when I walked Charlie, but I haven't transferred them from my phone to the computer yet.  I'm not sure why it's so much easier for me to get outside and move when we are traveling.  Maybe because when I'm home, there's just too much to do in the house?  I'm always thinking I'll get some exercise after I make the bed, or sweep the floors, or whatever.  According to my FitBit, I walked two miles this morning, before breakfast! 

Thinking about lunch now, then after lunch we're going for a drive to see what's in Bonham (just 4 or 5 miles away) and the surrounding area.  We like to pray over each town we stop in.  It seems so peaceful here, I'd love to forget all the problems our dear country is experiencing, but problems are popping up even in the most unexpected places.  There seems to be trouble in small towns as well as in big cities.  I am so thankful that we can take all our problems to our Heavenly Father, and place all our concerns in His hands.  And so, that's what we do.  Because, Praise God, in this country we can still pray!  And He still hears!

God Bless You All!  
More later!
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