Thursday, April 21, 2016

Georgetown, TX

Here's some things I've found about writing a blog -

1) If you try to spend a lot of time writing, editing, re-writing, trying to get the words and pictures exactly right, you'll never have time to actually do anything worth writing about.
2) Some days, even if you are in the most wonderful vacation spot on earth, there's just not that much to write about.
3) Some days, you may have thoughts, but you just can't find the words.

But, alas, I know my adoring fans back home (all three of you!)  are waiting impatiently for my scintillating prose describing all my exciting adventures.

Unfortunately, all three of the listed "things" are happening lately.

But, anyway, here's a list, in no particular order.

* We are at Jim Hogg CoE RV Park at Georgetown Lake.  Tim likes it here for the fishing.  I like that it's right outside Georgetown, which is a neat little town.

* It's also a pretty park, and usually very quiet.

* I think the people camping in tents across the road from us are drug dealers.  They sleep most of the day, and come and go a lot late at night.

*  That could be just because they are young and like to sleep in on vacation.

*  We are still loving our new (to us) trailer.  Just before we left home we bought a kitchen cart on wheels for some much needed storage and counter space.  It's perfect.

* However.  It sure didn't look like that straight out of the box.  Tim spent hours putting it together.  Twenty pieces of "wood" and 47 thousand pieces of hardware.  Fortunately, he likes puzzles.  

* Our trailer, like most, runs on either 30 or 50 amp electric.  There were no 50 amp sites available, so we are parked in a 30 amp spot until Sunday, when a 50 amp site becomes available.  This means we can either run the air conditioner or the microwave.  This means we are eating out a lot.

* Tim actually bought that "microwave or a/c" excuse, because he knows I always forget, and then he has to replace a blown fuse thingy. 

* It surprised me that he went along with it, because he knows I don't have to use the microwave to cook.

* There was a lot of rain in the forecast for this week, but so far, though it has rained for a portion of each day, every afternoon has been beautiful and sunny.

* Therefore, Tim is getting to fish.  And he is happy.  Even though the lake is over full, and evidently that means the fish won't hardly bite.  Someone has said that the enjoyment of fishing "isn't the catching, it's the fishing."  I guess that's true.  

* But he still would rather do some catching.

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