Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This World Can Be So Confusing

It's been a slow week here at Jim Hogg Park.  Well, not for other people.  Just for us, I guess.

The annual Red Poppy Festival was held in town, and I hear there was some great entertainment there, but we were content to skip the crowds.  Cowboy's done some more fishing, and I've had time to read to my heart's content.

Even here at the park, there was swarms of activity over the weekend.  Almost every campsite was full of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and families. Again, we were content to just watch all the goings on.

Today is Monday, and the park is back to being sparsely populated, mostly by retired couples like us.  In fact, most of them are probably even older than us.

We have made a few outings.  Yesterday we worshiped with about a thousand other people at First Baptist Georgetown.  The sermon was from Judges 8:22.  How Gideon at first refused to be their ruler, saying the Lord would be their ruler.  Then he collected gold from them to make an idol, causing them all to worship the idol.  The pastor talked about how we start with good intentions, then let idols into our lives.  We must constantly renew our faith in God.

After church we stopped at HEB.  This may not sound too exciting to you, but I enjoy going to that store about as much as I enjoy Disney World.  And if you know me at all, you know that's a LOT!

Later, we drove out to the Corps of Engineers Parks at Granger Lake, to see if we might want to camp there someday.  We decided probably not. We like being a little closer to town.

Having all this leisure time has given me a chance to spend a lot of time on Facebook.  I have rejoiced over photos of baby showers, weddings, and fun times.  I have laughed at funny babies, animals, and, well, people in general!  My heart has ached (and I have prayed) for families struggling through illness, loss, and broken relationships.

But this gender neutral bathroom thing is the thing I have puzzled over the most.  Everyone in the world has an opinion.  Some for, some against.  There have been some pretty heated posts.  People on both sides get very emotional.

So, of course, being the arm-chair philosopher that I am, I've got to share my opinion, too.  I know you're all (all 2 and a half of you!) waiting breathlessly.

I have given this a lot of thought.  Really.  I've had the time.

It's no secret that I'm a Bible believing Christ follower.  And the Bible states very clearly that it's wrong for men to dress as women. And vice versa.

However.  I do not expect non-believers to behave as Christians. If you profess to be a Christian, and still think you should be a different sex than the way God made you, I simply suggest you spend more time in the Word.  Personally, I couldn't be a Christian if I believed God made mistake.

But.  This bathroom thing.  I'm not really opposed to it on Christian standards.  I'm not even opposed to it because of safety issues.  I mean, I wouldn't want a my son going to the bathroom with a pedophile or rapist any more than I would want my daughter to be put at risk.

And. I would never shun a lesbian or bi or gay or transgender person in any other situation.  Hey, let's sit down and chat, or go see a movie, or come to my house for dinner.  I may feel a little awkward til I get to know you.  But I always feel awkward around new people.  I'll probably invite you to my church, because I usually invite people to church.  And I'll probably talk about Jesus.  Because I'm always talking about Jesus.  But if you can handle what you think is weird in me, then I can probably handle what I think is strange about you.

But if you look like a man, I just do not want to go to the bathroom with you.  Yuk.

Is simple modesty really such a thing of the past?  No one, and I mean not a single solitary post that I have seen on Facebook, has mentioned modesty.  Embarrassment at having to pee with a person with male parts is in the room.  Or adjusting a bra strap.  Or any of the other personal things women do in there.

I know people who are not Christians who are still modest about the way they dress and act. (And I know Christians who are showing a lot more than I think they should!)   But it seems, among my friends on Facebook anyway, modesty is only associated with conservative Republican Christians.

Business owners have a right to make the rules in their stores.

And, come to think of it, are stores required by law to have restrooms?  If they have restrooms simply as a courtesy (and, of course, to get us to stay in the store and shop longer) what right to we have to be angry about who they let into their restrooms?

That being said, I do hope Target changes their policy back soon.  And, although I'm not joining any official boycott, I won't be shopping there until they do.  Because I might feel the urge to relieve myself.  And I simply can't in a room where men are.

And that's a shame.  Because I've been in love with Target since I first stepped foot in one decades ago.

I sure hope HEB doesn't start having transgender bathrooms.

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