Friday, August 10, 2012

This and That

These are random photos taken with my I-phone.  Let me know if you have trouble loading or viewing them.  I'm still (obviously) learning about this blog stuff.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Pretty town, if you don't look too close.

I love old barns.  This one was somewhere between Omaha, Arkansas and Tupelo, Mississippi.

Lisa Marie's play area.  Not near as fancy as I expected.

Graceland.  Contrast this....

...with this.  The 2 room shotgun house where Elvis was born.

Lake Guntersville, from the golf course at Lake Guntersville State Park.

Another view of the lake. 

The lake again, from our campsite at Mountain Lakes RV Park.

The pool at the lodge at Lake Guntersville State Park.  Someone should come stay at this lodge while we are here.  It is unbelievably beautiful.

The view from the restaurant at the lodge at Lake Guntersville State Park.  I wish we'd have brought our good camera the day we were here.  Although, I don't think my photography skills could ever capture the awesomeness of this place. 

Really, ya'll, someone needs to leave home today and come stay at this state park.  We are right down the road.  I love Mountain Lakes, where we are, but the state park lodge looks like something out of a movie set.  We ate lunch at the restaurant there, and it was good.  Anyone up for a road trip?
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