Saturday, October 27, 2012

All Good Things...

This week has been absolutely full of "good things."  Starting with Sunday, when we attended First Baptist Church of Pearl River. 
Just when we were trying to decide which church to attend, I got a message on Facebook from an old acquaintance from elementary days, Tobey Pitman, wanting to get together for coffee while we were in the area.  Turns out, Doctor Pitman is now preaching at Pearl River, which is only about 20 miles from here.  I knew he had been a missionary in New Orleans, but we had no idea he was pastoring a church now.  We thoroughly enjoyed the church, the sermon and the friendly people.  Tobey and his sweet wife, Kathy, graciously invited us to their home for supper after the evening service. The meal was great, and we really enjoyed hearing about their fascinating work as missionaries.  
Tuesday, we finally made it to New Orleans to see the sights there.  We had a great meal in the French Quarter, then just strolled around Jackson Square enjoying the street performers, artists and musicians.  I especially got a kick out the decorated carriages. 

I thought this purple one was the best.
Wednesday, we ate lunch at the New Orleans Seafood Restaurant in Covington. The Pitmans had suggested this place, and it was all they said it would be. The rest of the day, we pretty much just hung around the RV park. The cowboy loves the fishing here.
Thursday, we took a two hour tour through the Honey Island Swamp.  Ya'll, this ranked right up there with Disney World on the enjoyment meter.  Who knew a swamp could be so beautiful!  We saw all sorts of animals.  There were lots of alligators (of course), and raccoons, and all kinds of birds.

Great Blue Heron.

The Pearl River runs right through the swamp.

 Ibis in the tops of the trees.  So pretty.
Thursday night we ate at the Camelia Cafe here in Abita Springs.  We discovered this place last year when we stayed here.  They serve some seriously wonderful seafood.  And...get this...on Thursday evenings, they give everyone 55 and over a 55 per cent discount.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?!!!  I've never been so glad to be so old!  The food is fantastic, and we had enough leftovers for three more meals.  What a deal.

 Finally, we have spent a lot of time over the last two weeks just chilling here at Abita Springs RV Park.  The next few photos will show you why:

A goose, swimming on the fishing pond.

Charlie really wants to play with that goose!  The bird doesn't seem too worried.  Think he knows that Charlie wouldn't get in the water even if I removed the leash?  Charlie hates getting wet.

Cowboy finally got a picture of the geese coming in for a landing.  They fly in every morning.  You can hear them honking, announcing their arrival, before you can see them.

The pond at sunset.

 It is going to break my heart a little bit to leave this place.


All good things....must come to an end.  After all, if they didn't, we'd never get to experience the next good thing.  And the next good thing in our near future is .... home.

Yep, you heard it here first, folks.  We turn towards home come Monday.  We won't be in any real hurry to get there.  We kind of hope to find another adventure or two along the way.  But a week, maybe two, will see us back in our old home town in North Central Texas. 

And I'm thinking that seeing our family, our church family and our friends who feel like family, may just be the greatest adventure of all!

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