Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The 5er

It occurred to me that I've shown pictures of the outside of our Fifth Wheel, but not much of the inside.  So, that's my subject for today.  Living in the 5er.  Here's the pictures.

Our dining room/office/craft room.  Looks nice doesn't it?  It usually has a printer, a toaster oven, and a million other things piled on top.  It cleans up good, though.

Our real dining room is there at the end of the trailer, since we generally eat in the recliners.  Yes, we are slobs. But the TV is at the other end of the room.  So, every night, we can enjoy "Dinner and a Show."  *Smile*

The kitchen.  There's a double sink.  A microwave/convection oven. The stove has a good size oven and three burners.  No dishwasher, though. 

And when I'm not using the stove, the top folds down for more counter space.

The little refrigerator is to the left of the stove, and the pantry is left of the refrigerator.

Just past the pantry, up a couple of steps is the bedroom.  It came with a bedspread to match the wallpaper and curtains, but it was kind of cheap looking, and just got in the way.  So I stored back at the house.  I hate to make beds anyway.  Oh, and the mirror on the far side?  That's the sliding closet doors.  We have a really large closet.  Nice.

The dressers across from the bed.  The TV swings out, so we can watch TV in bed.

The door beside the sink is to the "throne room."  But I don't think you really want to see a picture of the toilet.  Not that it's ugly or anything.  It's just...a toilet.

The shower.
So, that's it.  Except, it's really never this clean.  Being on the road hasn't improved my housekeeping skills at all.  But it is increadibly easy to keep semi-clean, anyway.  Which is a good thing, since we'd much rather be out exploring (or even just staying in and reading a book!) than cleaning house.
I think it's very clever how the manufacturer managed to fit all the necessities, and even a few luxuries, into 29 feet.  There's lots of (much) larger rigs on the road, as well as much smaller ones.  That's one of the things I love about RV doesn't matter how large or small, how old or new, how shabby or shiny, all that matters is that we are all so excited about what we are doing.
We've met people from all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska, as well as Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico.  All different ages, races, some full time RVers, some just on vacation for a few days, or, like us, a few months.  Almost everyone is friendly.  No one is snobby or stuck up.  We are all just here to have fun.
We are incredibly blessed to be doing what we are doing.

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