Thursday, October 11, 2012


I'm still planning to tell you more about our fun times with the grandgirls at Disney World, but I'm still sorting through photos.  Kind of a lame excuse, since I didn't take that many.  Too busy having fun to take pictures.  In the meantime, here's  a pretty sunset at Mexico Beach.  My phone's camera really doesn't do it justice.
We did go buy groceries at Wal-Mart yesterday.  It was necessary.  We were pretty much down to nothing.  In fact, I had to pull out the very last of my emergency pantry items for supper Tuesday.  Want the recipe for our favorite pantry meal?  Of course you do.
I've heard this stuff called S.O.S. all my life.  My mom said it stood for Slop On a Slab.  Later, I heard it was called something even worse in the Army. (Sh** on a Shingle, if you really want to know.)  Sounds disgusting, doesn't it?  We really like it.  A lot.  Maybe because I hardly ever fix it, it remains something of a treat.
Mama used to make it by cutting up the dried beef, frying it in butter, then adding flour, then milk.  She would serve it over toast, or left over biscuits, dinner rolls or hamburger buns.  Whatever was on hand. 
I cheat and use an envelope of Pioneer Gravy Mix.  When I can find it, I use the low-fat gravy mix.  Makes me almost feel like this is health food, since the dried beef is naturally very low fat.  There's no getting around the salt content though.  I imagine there's enough sodium in this stuff
Well, I'm obviously no good at metaphors.  So here's the recipe.
1 jar dried beef (look for it near the canned tuna and Spam)
1 envelope Pioneer (or any brand) country gravy mix
2 cups water (or however much the gravy mix calls for)
You can rinse the beef to remove some of the salt if you want.  It won't make much difference to the taste. 
Cut up the beef into little bits.  Mix it all up with a whisk in a skillet. Heat until it gets thick.  Add a little more water if it gets too thick. Serve over toast.  Or biscuits.  Or whatever starchy stuff you have that needs to be eaten.
We like canned spinach (seasoned with a little vinegar from jalapeno peppers) and sliced tomatoes with this.  Well, I like the tomatoes.  Cowboy thinks they're poison. 
And that's it.  Except for the tomatoes, everything came out of the pantry.  A few times, when I somehow ended up with mushrooms that needed to be eaten right away, I've added mushrooms sauteed in butter to the beef & gravy.  We call it Gourmet S.O.S.  I guess you could add canned mushrooms.  But I don't much like canned mushrooms.  But if you like them, feel free.  I won't judge.
While sorting through pictures on my computer, I found this one from ten years ago. 
That's brother-in-law Richard, me (Kay) and Cowboy Tim, at Disney World in 2002. 
Ahhh, memories!

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