Thursday, July 25, 2013

Natchez Trace - Tishomingo State Park

Our God is such an amazing artist, isn't He?  We are still taking our time to enjoy His handiwork driving down the Natchez Trace. We are staying at Tishomingo State Park one more night so we can enjoy the surrounding here.  Here are a few highlights from the last few days.

Buzzard Roost Spring

John Coffee Memorial Bridge, Alabama.  Longest bridge on the Trace.  Crosses Pickwick Lake, on the Tennessee River.

Cabin in the woods at Tishomingo State Park.  On the plus side, it's wide open for anyone to walk in and explore.  On the negative side, too many people have used this easy access to carve graffiti into the old logs. Sad.

Charlie loves to hike.  I love all the moss on the ground.  Looks like green carpet.

Closer view of the cabin.

Inside the cabin.  Can you see the graffiti on the left side?  There's lots more that doesn't show up in the photo.  Silly people.

Swinging bridge built in 1939. 

Bear statue outside the park office.

We love quirky museums, and this is one of the quirkiest.  The Apron Museum, in Iuka, Mississippi.  This apron is from the Civil War Era.  And in perfect condition!

This is the owner of the museum, with a designer apron from the fifties.  You can look her up on Facebook.  Just search for The Apron Museum.  This is a wonderful place.  The owner is so enthusiastic, even the Cowboy was interested!  She also sells some aprons made by local women.  At very reasonable prices.  I bought two!

Back on the Trace now. Stepping stones at Rock Spring, on Colbert Creek.

This stretch of our trip has been so peaceful.  I am amazed that we seem to be the only ones on the road most of the time.  There are only two other campers in the park.  And there is never anyone else at any of the stops we make to hike and explore.  AND, the weather has been perfect - cool, mostly in the 70's, with a little rain every now and then.  Maybe the rain is keeping other people away, but we think it's perfect!

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