Friday, July 19, 2013

Travel Day

Today is a boring travel day, so here's some random photos feom the last few weeks to entertain you.

while we were in Oklahoma, We drove to Vinita one day for lunch.

Several years ago, my sweet Uncle Charles gave us his two quarter horses. He had trained the mama horse, Miss Spider Barr, himself, but he had never trained her daughter, who he named "Vinita" - so of course we couldn't pass up the town named Vinita!
My Cowboy trained that little filly himself, and still rides her in Team Ropings.

There's not a lot to see in Vinita, but this cool car was parked at the restaurant where we ate.

Route 66 runs through Vinita.

In Missouri we visited the Boone homestead, where Daniel lived near his son the last two decades of his life.

I never knew he had ever lived in Missouri.

His son's house. Where Daniel died.

Squire Boone's house. Squire was Daniel's younger brother.

Oh, this was cool! This is at Lost Valley Lake Rv Resort. It's an air filled bouncy trampoline -y thingy. The kids at the resort loved it!

One of the lakes at Lost Valley Lake.

We hated to leave this place today. John James Audubon Museum at Audubon State Park, where we've been camping this past week. He lived in Henderson, Kentucky for several years.

We saw several barns and other buildings with quilt designs in Ohio County, Kentucky.

We aare traveling through some beautiful country right this minute. I'm posting this from my phone. 

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