Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

January 1, 2014 - at home.

Listening - to Cowboy's gentle snoring as he takes his afternoon nap.

Seeing - The Christmas tree still up, and the rest of my messy house.

Feeling - weak as a kitten from the flu, but glad to be over the worst of it.

Wishing/Wanting - to see my kids.

Needing - nothing I can think of.

Eating/Drinking - we ate at McAllister's for lunch.

Wearing - the usual...jeans and a t-shirt.

Weather - A sunny 66, but windy.

Thinking - it's about time to load up the 5th wheel and go somewhere.

Enjoying - life.

Thankful - for medical insurance to help pay for ER visits.

Praying - for the USA.
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