Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sitting on the Couch, at Home

January 2, 2014     

Listening - to Once Upon a Time, Tony Bennett
                       The Christmas Song, Nat King Cole
                        It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Frank Sinatra
                        Mansion Over the Hilltop, Elvis Presley
                        Love Come to Life, Big Daddy Weave
                        Faith in You, Jami Smith

Seeing - Christmas decorations, still not put away

Feeling - Frustrated.  Still get tired way too easily.

Wishing/Wanting - For a change of scenery.

Needing - to get off my couch and clean up this mess!

Eating/Drinking - Ice water, right now.  I made soft tacos for lunch.  
Wearing - sweats and a t-shirt

Weather - Sunny, but cold.  36 degrees

Thinking - How truly blessed I am.  

Enjoying - The I-phone speaker July gave me for Christmas.  
                  A quiet moment while Cowboy's in town.
                  Cuddling with Charlie Chihuahua.

Praying - For rain to fill our Texas lakes.  Or better yet, Lord, could You just speak water into them one night, and fill them all at once?  A real miracle.  Also fill our underground water supply.  Wouldn't it be great to hear the atheist scientists try to explain that away?  I know You can do it! It would be so great!
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