Thursday, April 2, 2015

I'm Not Fooling...It Really WAS My Birthday!

Oh, so much catching up to do.  I have more to write about our week in Washington County later, but today I have to tell you about the important birthday was yesterday!

Yes.  April Fool's Day.  

<Insert whatever joke comes to mind here.  
I've already heard them all.>

It was a lovely day. 
 I kept checking my phone about every 15 minutes, 
and sure enough, everytime, there was a Facebook message 
or a text wishing me a wonderful day.
Not to mention all the phone calls.

And it was a wonderful day.  We found a nice little Greek/American Restaurant for lunch.  
Yummy Greek salad.
Then we went to see a movie.  We finally saw Do You Believe?   
It was really, really good.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  
All my friends said it was great, but the critics, 
even the Christian reviewers, gave it lousy reviews.  
Mostly because it is unashamedly evangelistic.  
I really don't understand what those critics want from a Christian movie.  

Anyway, if you haven't seen it.  GO!

The bluebonnet photos have nothing to do with yesterday.  
I took them Sunday, when we went to church in Independence.  
I'm just posting them now, because my little brother told me he likes my photos, and I didn't take any yesterday. 
(Thank you, Brother!)
I'll post more about Independence tomorrow.

Well, I did take one picture yesterday.  
The obligatory photo of Charlie Chihuahua.  
I keep trying to get a good one of him.

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