Friday, April 3, 2015

More Independence

We always try to attend worship services on Sunday, even when we're traveling.  Last Sunday, it was such a privilege to attend the oldest continuing Baptist church in Texas, First Baptist Church in Independence.

We got to town a little early, so to kill a little time, we went down the road to Old Baylor Park.  Baylor University was built in Independence, a well-to-do community with many Baptists, in 1845.  It was later moved to Waco, of course.  But it's not hard to imagine how peaceful this area was for studying.

Ruins from the University.

Old Baylor Columns.

One of the original settlers' homes that has been moved into the park for preservation.

The park is full of live oaks and bluebonnets.  Even that early on a Sunday morning, there were several families there, taking photos.

I could have spent another week in Washington County, there's so much to see and do.  But I'm sure we'll be back!  The grandgirls really need to see this!

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