Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Catch of the Day!!!!

Well, my Crazy Cowboy did it.  He really did it. He caught an alligator on his fishing line.

We are pulling out this morning, but he had to give it one more try before we left.  And he succeeded.

I wasn't out there to see it, but he took pictures.  Yes.  That's right.  He had a 3-4 foot alligator on his fishing line, and instead of letting the alligator have the rod, reel and line and turning and running back to the trailer, Cowboy held the rod with one hand, dug his phone out of his pocket with the other, and took several pictures.  And a video.  (You see the kind of crazy I have to deal with?)

So, for your viewing pleasure (and at Tim's insistence), here's a photo. It's not a great photo.  But I'm really glad he didn't take time to focus real well.  And I'm especially grateful that he didn't get any closer to Mr. Gator before he finally cut the line and got out of there.  Honestly, I'm kind of surprised he didn't wrestle the creature for the hook!

You can see the creature's head just beyond the plants.

He also took a video, but I can't get it to run on the blog.  I'll try again later.

My dad used to introduce Tim to people by saying, "This is my son-in-law, the bull rider, Golden Gloves boxer, rattlesnake hunter.  How I wish Daddy was still here to add "alligator fisherman" to that list!

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