Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Still in Ashdown, Arkansas

Yes, I know I haven't posted anything in several days.  No, I haven't forgotten about you.  I have a very good reason for not posting.  Nothing...I mean NOTHING...is happening worth writing about.  Not that we haven't enjoyed ourselves.  I am, after all, the queen of lazy.  Nobody sits around doing nothing better!  And Tim is happy, as long as he can drop a hook into some water.  The two little lakes here on property are perfect for him.  I think he's hoping to hook an alligator like we heard one man did a few days before we got here. 

And, there have been a few outings.  We went into to Texarkana one afternoon and saw this...

It was a very good movie, good story, good production, good acting.  I don't usually like war movies, but this one cuts back and forth between the fathers in Viet Nam, and the sons, in present time.  And there was enough humor to keep it from being too sad.

So, there was that.

And I walked around the rv park and got some photos for you.
Just because I love you all!

Trumpet vine

Passion Flower 
(Why don't I ever sees these back home?)

And here's the little lake behind our fifth wheel where Tim's been fishing.  
That's the group picnic area behind it. 
And behind that is the flooded golf course. 

 So, Tim took these photos of the golf course.  These lakes?  Not supposed to be here.  
They're saying it will take months to get the golf course back in shape.

The RV park is practically empty. Even over the holiday weekend, there were very few people here.  Probably because the golf course is closed, Millwood Lake is flooded and there are very few activities planned here at the park.

But the pool is open.  And it's huge.  And most days, we have it all to ourselves.  Heaven!

And, First Baptist Ashdown has been the highlight of our stay here.  We attended Sunday School, Sunday morning and Sunday Evening Worship.  The people are just delightful. I want to take them all home with me!

Today, we are driving to Texarkana.  Tim's hoping to play golf (if it doesn't rain) and I'm heading to the mall.  Then we'll meet up again for dinner at El Chico.  

We plan to move on to our next stop tomorrow.  

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