Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Change of Plans

Well, the Family Reunion was a huge success.  Some of us were in RV's in the campsites at Queen Wilhelmina State Park, and several stayed at the beautiful, newly remodeled lodge in the park.  We met together at the lodge for breakfast, then there were several group activities during the day.  The hostess for this year's reunion was Tim's cousin Kathy, who still lives in Mena.  She has a gorgeous home just outside of Mena, where we gathered Friday and Saturday evening for wonderful catered meals.  

Tim's grandparents - They had 18 children

We had a very good turnout, around 80 cousins and a couple of aunts by marriage, although all of the 18 children are gone now.  I love how family is so important to this family!  They come from all over the country to visit with each every 2 years.  It's great!  And always fun.

Tim's mother and her baby brother, Bill.

Can you stand the cuteness!  Tim and his 4 brothers, and their daddy.  
Tim is the little one, front left.

It was a short drive from Mena to Branson.  We've enjoyed a couple of shows (Pierce Arrow and Dixie Stampede) and we've eaten at a couple of new restaurants.  However, we have decided to cut our stay here short.  We've had some sad news from home, and we want to be there for our family and friends.  But I know we will be back!  There's so much here that we haven't done yet!

We are heading home so that we can help our loved ones through a difficult time, and so that they can help us.  Earlier this week I told a friend that God doesn't give us more than we can bear, but He may give us more than we can bear alone.  I firmly believe that one of the best gifts He has given us is family, and friendship.  Our family and friends help us to bear our heavy burdens.  We feel His love through their kindness.  

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