Monday, March 7, 2016

Day Three. Garrison and Nacogdoches, Texas

Today we drove back to Garrison...looks like there's not much there besides the restaurant where we ate the other night.
And this.  The Wiley Hotel, founded sometime between 1885 and 1890.  Doesn't seem to be open, except for special events and a once a month lunch.  The only information I could find online is here.

Sweet gazebo behind the hotel.

Train runs right in front of the hotel.

But this may be my favorite thing in Garrison.  Happy Cow Feed Depot, right next door to the hotel!
"Livestock Feed" "Garden Supplies" "Gifts" "Udder Things"

No time to shop for any gifts or udder things, though.  Drove on into Nacogdoches to see a few things we missed last Fall.

First stop was the LaNana Creek Trail.  It was a nice walk.  
Not much blooming right now, but we did find a few pretty things.

Love these tiny flowers that grew all along the trail.  Violets?

A very old, very tiny cemetery.

Redbud tree.

There's more trails at the Gayla Mize Garden.

Lots of azaleas, camelias and magnolias here.  
Very pretty, although many of the plants aren't in bloom quite yet.

Red Slippers Azalea

Magnolia Hybrid - "Susan"

Peter Pan Camellia

Florida Flame Azalea

By the time we walked through the second trail, I was exhausted, so we headed back to the RV Park, where I started sorting through today's photos, and Tim went out and WALKED some more!!!  
Crazy Cowboy!

We head out to Louisiana in the morning.  I hear there are storms headed this way.  I'm praying for safe travel.

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