Monday, March 7, 2016

Day Two. Garrison, Texas

Okay, so this is actually the morning of day 3 of our Spring Road Trip.  But it's about day 2.  I just wasn't organized enough to post it last night.

I had big big plans for yesterday. Go to church, lunch and spend time with our son, buy groceries, explore our RV park, then going to a local church that was simulcasting Harvest America.

Well.  We did meet our son for lunch.  We ate at the Jalapeno Tree in Henderson.  It was really good.  He had to get back home, so we went to WalMart, then back to Tonkawa Springs RV Park to explore a bit.

This place doesn't really look like much when you first pull in.  I mean, it's just the normal East Texas pine forest, which is beautiful, and certainly different from North Central Texas.

Which reminds me of a conversation the Cowboy and I had Saturday as we were driving here, about how Texas is really like at least 5 different states.  East Texas with it's lush green forests and humid atmosphere is so very different from where we live, which is totally different from the hill country, which is totally different from the Gulf Coast, which is light years different from West Texas.  South Texas along the Rio Grande is almost like another country.  Tim says the Panhandle is different, but I think the Panhandle is pretty much like West Texas, but with the occasional  blizzard.  Tim says it's different because of the canyons, but, unless you live next to or in a canyon, you'd never know they were there.  So.

Anyway, back to Tonkawa Springs.  We walked and walked, and finally found the springs.  According to their website, this has been a resort area for over 100 years.

At first I was disappointed to learn that the swimming area had been drained so they could clean it up and prepare for swimming season.  But it's kind of cool to be able to see it empty, with just a trickle of water running through the bottom.  I wonder when that rock wall was built, and the springs dammed to make the swimming area?

I've always said I don't want to be in the East Texas humidity in the summertime, but I may have to come back to see this filled with water. 

While walking, we came across more of the park's exotic deer.

Guess they finally decided we were too close, so they got up and left.

Can you see all that sand in the picture.  There is sand everywhere here.  I thought East Texas was all good black farmland.  We got off on a county road by mistake, and it was so sandy the pickup was sliding all over the road.  Scary!

I just thought this old building and water tower at the rv park looked cool.  
Is anyone else reminded of Petticoat Junction?

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