Thursday, September 6, 2012

Madison, part 2

The past couple of days have been pretty routine.  From the beginning, we realized this journey is less of a vacation and more like regular life.  On wheels. 
So, between fishing (Cowboy), Pinterest-ing (me), and sleeping all day (that would be Charlie), we have cleaned house, bought groceries, and fought the never ceasing trail of ants that keeps invading.  (I hate to use poisons around Charlie.  Obsessive cleaning, cinnamon sticks in the cabinets, and -weird, I know- baby powder around the tires, seems to be working fairly well.)
But we did have a great time in Madison the other day.  I think I enjoyed the landscaping even more than the architecture.  Everything is so green here! 
You know I love Texas.  Texas Forever!  Yay!
But.  Georgia.  It's green.
Green.  It's such a peaceful, relaxing color, isn't it?  And there are flowers.  I think the wildflowers may even be lovelier than the landscaped gardens.  And the landscaping is awesome.
Enjoy the pics.
Build in 1895, this was a public school.  Now it's a cultural center.
*sigh* ....Green... *sigh* ... And a big covered front porch.  With rockers.  *sigh*
This one is for sale.  The grounds take up a whole city block.  A very large block.  It has a boxwood maze in one corner.  I didn't ask the price.
The Morgan County Courthouse.  It's built on the corner of the square, instead of in the center.

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