Friday, September 28, 2012

What Am I Going to Do Next?

I'm going to Disney World!!!!

Tomorrow is the first day of our week at Disney, where we can (almost) forget that we are old grandparents and just feel like kids again.  Except for sore, tired feet and aching backs at the end of the day.

Since we intend to fill every minute of every day with fun and excitement...

And, since our Dear Daughter, Favorite Son-in-law, and Precious Grandgirls will meet us there...

I probably won't be posting any long posts.


I will try to post several pictures from my phone each day.  So look for multiple short posts. 

If I remember.

And if I can get Blogger to work on my phone.

Wouldn't it be fun if we could all live in Disney World all the time?

What?  Yes, I am a grown-up.  Why do you ask?
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