Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Southern Talk

Just for fun, here's some "Southern Definitions" I picked up in the Madison Visitor's Center last week. 

ARN - An electrical instrument used to remove wrinkles from clothing.

BATRY - A box like device that produces electricity.  "Looks like your car needs a new batry."

DRAW UP - To contract or shrink. "Ah told you that blouse would draw up if you washed it!"

EAT UP WITH - Excessively afflicted by.  "She's jest eat up with jealousy."

GOOBERS - Peanuts

IDINIT - Used to avoid saying ain't.  "Mighty hot today, idinit?"

JAWJA - Southern state just north of Florida. 

KUMPNY - Guests.  "We're having kumpny fer supper."

LIBEL - Likely to.  "Your wife finds out you're running around, she's libel to kill you."

NAIRN - None.  Not any.  "Ah'd offer you a nickel, but Ah don't got nairn."

OWN - Opposite of off.  "Cut own the radio and let's listen to music."

PEPPUH - A hot spice widely used to season food.

QUIETUS - Pronounced qui-EET-us.  To bring to an abrupt halt.  "His wife found out and put the quietus on it!"

SHOW - Certainly.  "It show is hot today."

TAR - A round inflateable object.  "You shouldn't drive that car without a spare tar."

UHMURKA - The greatest country in the world.  As in "The United States of Uhmurka."

WALLER - Roll about.  "Billy, don't waller all over that bed.  Ah jest made it up."

ZAT - Is that.  "Zat your dawg?"

I'm finding out that even though Texas and Georgia are both in the south, the accents are a lot different.  Texans drawl, but Georgians draaaawwwwlllll.  Not only do they add syllables to words, they stretch each syllable out to the max. 

Observing the differences in people....just part of what I love about travel.

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