Saturday, September 22, 2012


Okay, I'm just gonna apologize up front.  I've waited too long between posts, so this is a long one.  Too many pictures, and will probably take way too long to load on your computer. It's been a great week, so much to see and do (and eat!).  I tried to cut it down to just the best stuff, but there's just so much!
The photo above is one of the least impressive sunsets back at North Shore Resort in Greensboro, GA.  And it was still awesome.  See that bridge in the back?  If you look real closely, you can see the train going over the tracks.  Also...those black specks in the sky?  Those are not birds, nor was my camera lens dirty.  Those are a bazillion may flies.  They came out every night.  It was fun watching the fish jump out of the water to feed on them.

The highlight of my week?  I finally got to eat at Paula Deen's Restaurant, The Lady and Sons.  Three stories of awesomeness!  And yes, the food was just as wonderful as I had anticipated.  Know what it reminded me of?  Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's family.  When everyone brought their very best dish, and it was impossible to choose, so you had to get "just a bite" of everything.  And "just a bite" ended up being at least 2 platefuls of food.  Paula's buffet didn't have quite that big a selection (thank goodnes!), but the food was just as wonderful.  In fact, I'm pretty sure she got her peach cobbler recipe from my mom!


One of the best thing about The Lady and Sons - it's in Savannah!  I've read books about Savannah.  I've seen Paula's show, where she goes out and about the city and the surrounding area. I've researched this trip extensively on the internet before we even left home.  Nothing prepared me for the wonder that is Savannah.  Elegantly restored old, old buildings; a city "square" every couple of blocks, most with a monument in the center commemorating some historic figure or event; museums, restaurants, shops, apartments and townhouses.  Just beautiful. 
The Lady and Sons is just off of  Johnson Square, pictured above.  Across the square from the restaurant is Christ Church, the "Mother Church of Georgia."  (The picture above the square.)  This Episcopal church was established in 1733, at the same time Georgia was established as an English colony.  One of it's first rectors was John Wesley.  USA history and religious history, all rolled into one place.  Love it!

Our next stop was the beach at Tybee Island.  *Sigh*  Gorgeous.  And...we found a dolphin on the beach!  Lol...
But, it was getting late, so we cut it short, and headed back to the RV Park, which was about 10 miles north of Savannah, in Hardeeville, South Carolina.

The next morning, we drove to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, about 25 miles north of our camp.  This is where the rich folks live.  Very pretty, well laid out town.  But not nearly as charming as Savannah, to my mind anyway.

One of the most adventurous places we went this week was the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.  Some (crazy) people hike or bike the 4.5 mile loop through the park, but we were contented to drive through.  Those are alligators, ya'll!  And not behind any kind of a fence or barrier, either.  We drove through the loop twice, and we probably saw more than a dozen gators.  All those black log looking things in the middle photo above?  Yep, those are all alligators. 
Methodist Church, built in 1868.
Thankfully, the Cowboy finally got enough of the gators, and we drove back to Savannah.  We visited the Massie Heritage Center, then walked over to Monterey Square, where both John and Charles Wesley preached. 

This courtyard and steps belonged to one of the private homes.
Pulaski Monument in Monterey Square.
Cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks!!!
They say Jefferson Davis slept here.

Alas, all good things must come to an end
 (so that more good things can come along!)
We are now in Brunswick, Georgia, home of Brunswick Stew.  Jumping off point for Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island. 
We plan to head to St. Augustine Beach, Florida tomorrow, but for now I'll leave you with another pretty sunset.  This one is over the Brunswick River.


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