Monday, July 2, 2012

Adventures with the GrandGirls

We are (finally!) gearing up for our fun filled, care free (we hope) four month long grand tour of the south eastern part of the country.  But we don't leave for another two weeks (Cowboy can't miss his roping finals!), so in the meantime, we are tying up loose ends.  The most difficult thing is saying goodbye to family and friends, especially the grandgirls.  We will miss the oldest's 10th birthday while we are gone.  In all those ten years, I've never gone so long without seeing her. 

So.  To make one final wonderful memory before we leave, the girls and I had our own little adventure last week.  First stop, the local Western store, to pick up boots for their birthdays (the little one turns eight just days before we leave).  These girls really have style.  They picked out the shiniest, reddest boots in the store! 

Next stop, we met Poppy at Cracker Barrel where we all had breakfast for lunch.  Yum....pancakes!  Then on to Ross, where we found adorable little chambray dresses to go with the boots.  Yes, they chose identical boots and dresses.  They love to dress alike.  It's so sweet.

At Target we picked up snacks, because - the main part of our adventure was an overnight stay in a local hotel.  You see, like us, my daughter and son-in-law don't have an antenna for their t.v.  The only television the girls usually get to watch is on dvd - carefully selected by their parents.  And then not every day.  So heaven to these girls is the Disney Channel!  Throw in the hotel pool, and they are beyond ecstatic.

On top of all that, Poppy brought us pizza for supper.  That Cowboy of mine makes a great Poppy.  Obviously, the girls have him wrapped around their little fingers.  This whole 2 day extravaganza was his idea!
Being a Grammy is such hard work - good thing I love those girls so much! (*wink*)
So that's my latest travel story, even though I only traveled to my own hometown.  Hope to go see my brother this coming weekend.  And then there's cousins and friends and church family to see before we go. So much to do!
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