Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Easing on down the road...

We left Texoma Shores yesterday, and drove on up to Lake Eufala.  We're spending a couple of nights at Terra Starr RV Park.  Believe me, this park is nothing to write home about, so I won't .  But we're only here for one more night.  Just long enough to do some laundry and play in the pool a bit.  Too hot to do much else anyhow, although Tim does have plans to bike a couple of miles down the road to pick up a geocache later.

Back at Texoma Shores, we made another  trek into Denison to view Eisenhower's birthplace.  The lady there was so nice, and seemed very knowledgeable about everything Eisenhower.  I learned that the reason the Eisenhower family moved there was because his daddy went bankrupt back in Kansas, so he moved the family to Denison because he got a job with the railroad.  While in Denison, they lived in a very modest 2 story house on the "wrong side of the tracks."  They lived there for about 3 years, then moved back to Kansas.

After our tour, we ate lunch at Devoli's Italian Restaurant in downtown Denison.  Looks like that area was recently a bustling little place with lots of cute shops and restaurants.  However, many of the buildings are closed and boarded up now.  Sad.

Sunday we worshipped with Little City Baptist Church, just down the road from Texoma Shores.  Their pastor,  Seth Pester, preached a very good sermon, the choir sang the old hymns we love, and the pastor's wife sang a special that I had never heard before, but it was lovely.  My only little complaint about the place is that they took one look at us and put us in the oldest Sunday School class they had! I mean, these folks were ancient! But then I remembered just how old I am since that last birthday, and I figured we fit right in.  It was a very lively class, and we enjoyed it very much.

Tomorrow morning we'll head up to Grove, OK to Bear's Den RV Park.  Wonder if there's really bears around there?

I have a couple of photos I wanted to add today, but the internet is, again, really sketchy here.  Maybe I can add them later.
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