Thursday, July 19, 2012

On The Road Again

I wrote this Tuesday, before I realized just how spotty the wifi service here is.  My Verizon card only has one bar, and the RV Park's wifi is down for repairs or an upgrade, or something.  I am posting this as soon as we get back to civilization!

Wow. I really didn't think it would be so hard. Every other trip I have ever been on in my life, I've started dreading going home as soon as we left the house. I'd always think, why can't every day be a vacation? Well, for the next four months, I finally got my wish. Now if only I could get my kids, my cousins, my brother, Cowboy's brothers, our friends, and all our church family to get RV's and hit the road with us! Wouldn't that be cool! We'd be like a traveling circus! (If you know my family, you'll agree about the circus part!)

Anyhow, we hit the road around 2:00 yesterday afternoon.  GrandGirl #1 got her braces off yesterday morning, so we couldn't leave until we saw her beautiful new smile.  And let me tell you, it was certainly worth the wait!  Gorgeous!  In fact, both girls were looking exceptionally pretty yesterday, in their new boots and matching chambray dresses.  So cute.  So hard to say good-bye. *Sob*

And this is where we are now.  On the north side of Lake Texoma, at Texoma Shores Resort.  "Resort" actually being a fancy word for RV Park and fishing camp.  This place is slap-dab in the middle of No-where!  But it is really pretty, and peaceful.  I took the next picture while we were walking Charlie this morning.

After breakfast, we drove back across the Red River, into Denison, TX, to make the obligatory first day run to Wal-Mart, and to get the truck inspected.  Ooops...yeah, we forgot that little detail before leaving home.  It's all taken care of now, though. 

Speaking of Denison, though...did you know President Eisenhower was born there?  Yeah, you probably did.  We hope to get back there sometime this week to tour his birthplace.  It's only about 40 miles away.

We beg for your prayers - for our safety, of course - but mostly for the folks back home, for their safety, health and happiness.  Also, for our son, who is leaving for Romania next week on his long-awaited mission trip. 

I never know how to end these things, so I guess I'll ....just....trail .....a w a y....... . . .    .     .        .

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