Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Omaha, Arkansas

We just can't get away from this heat!  I am so thankful for travel trailers with air conditioning, and thankful that ours works so well.  Makes "camping" such a joyful experience.  We've had fun tent camping with our kids when they were young, but I'm just not up to Turner Falls in August (over 100 degrees) or Galveston at Thanksgiving (below freezing!) any longer!

We worshipped at Grove First Baptist on Sunday.  They have a beautiful church building, one of the prettiest and most comfortable I've ever seen.  From what I gathered, it is a fairly new building.   With seating for 794, it seemed almost empty with the 200 or so who were in attendance on Sunday.  I saw in their bulletin that they are searching for a new pastor, but the interim preached a great sermon from Proverbs.

Yesterday, we left Grand Lake of the Cherokees, and headed east to Omaha, Arkansas.  We are about 15 miles from Branson, and about 40 miles from Eureka Springs, 2 places I've been to before, but Cowboy never has.  I've been trying for  40 years to get him here! 

We're staying at a little RV Park called Ozark View.  It's a real homey little place.  The new owners are newlyweds, and they are fixing it up.  It definitely needs some work, but it has a great view, just like the name says, and it's very quiet and peaceful.  My phone's camera just couldn't capture the beautiful hills in the background, but maybe you can get some idea of the peacefulness here.

We had an exciting time just getting here, though.  Google maps sent us through southern Missouri, on the twistiest, turningest road I've ever seen.  I've never been on banked turns, like on a race track.  Those banked turns, combined with the up and down hills, and hairpin turns, made the whole 130 mile drive feel like a roller coaster.  A roller coaster pulling a 5th wheel. 

But the beautiful scenery more than made up for it.  Oh my.  Our God is such an amazing artist!
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