Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Arkansas Scenic Byway 7 - What a Drive!

Hey, Y'all! We're in Branson!  The next few days will be busy busy busy, so I have to decide if I want to do lengthy "catch up" posts later, or short posts each day.  I'm gonna try to do short posts each day, heavy on the photos.  But first, I want to show you some pics we took on the drive up here.

We left Lake Dardanelle State Park in Arkansas yesterday about 9:00 a.m.  As you can see, Charlie Chihuahua was ready to go!
I kind of hated to leave this beautiful place.  This is a photo the Cowboy took the previous night. 
I'm not sure we'd have driven to Branson on Scenic Byway 7 if we'd known what a roller coaster ride it would be.  At one point, we were coming down a 7per cent grade for 3 1/2 miles, with lots of hair pin turns.  Eeekkk!!! Scary.  Especially pulling a 29' Fifth Wheel.  So thankful for Cowboy's driving skills.
But the scenery was absolutely fantabulous!

Lots and lots of wildflowers.  Gazillions of them!

Beautiful vistas.

Quaint little "towns."  I believe this is the smallest library I've ever seen.

These mountain folk were sitting out front of the shop to welcome us.  They didn't seem to have much to say, but the lady inside sure was a talker.  All the people we've met have been super friendly.
We're staying at Holliday Hills Silverleaf Resort and Campground.  The condos and the golf course here are gorgeous.  The campground, not so much.  But with our Coast to Coast membership, it's just $10 a night, so we're happy to call it home for a few more days.
We're going to see Jim Stafford tonight.  We've both like him since the 60's.  He must be old as dirt, but I bet he's still funny.  I'll let you know!
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