Thursday, June 27, 2013


My cautious daughter is concerned about using the grandgirls real names online, so I asked them what they would like me to call them on my blog.  I've heard them call each other "J" (their real names both begin with J), but that would be confusing here.  So the ten year old said her sister calls her "Indigo" sometimes, and the eight year old wants to be called "Blue Jay." 

I said all that to say this:  My sweet Blue Jay has asthma, and it kept her home from her church's summer song/dance/praise camp today.  She was bummed.  It's times like these I'm so thankful for modern technology.  In between her doctor appt., and chest x-rays, I got to text back and forth with her, and sort of keep her mind off her rotten-no good-very bad day. Prayers would be appreciated. 

Meanwhile, here at Branson, it was a lovely day.  We met up with some of Cowboy's family at Stone Castle Resort, where the reunion we came here for is being held. 

Here's the Cowboy nest to the Resort's Knight-on-a-White-Horse statue.  Of course, You-Know-Who has always been my knight in shining armor. (Hint: the one on the left with the great legs!)

After visiting with the family for a while, they left in different directions, some to take care of reunion business, some to take kids to ride go-karts.  We went for lunch.  At this cute little diner.  Pizza and funnel cake.  Yum!  What?  Yes, I do know we eat like teenagers.  It wasn't too bad, though.  We learned a long time ago to share meals when we eat out.  We save money and calories that way.

Next stop, the Andy Williams Moon River Theater.  This water feature was part of the landscaping.  Very pretty.

We were there to see this a cappella group, The Cat's Meow.  Look them up on You Tube.  They are talented to the max.  And very high energy.

Back in the fifth wheel, we just chilled and hung out with Charlie Chihuahua for a while. 
He was not happy when we left him again.  Just look at that sad little face.

I really don't understand why they won't let me take Charlie into the theaters.  Think I could convince them he's my seeing eye dog?  It might help if he would quit biting people's ankles.
Anyway, I wouldn't have missed this show for anything in the world.  Not even for Charlie.  It's called Smoke on the Mountain.  Hilarious.  And perfect casting.  We laughed. Out loud.  A lot.
Well, that was my day.  The next couple of days will be devoted to family.  Really looking forward to visiting with them.
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