Sunday, June 16, 2013


Today was a lovely laid back Sunday.  We worshipped with the friendly folks at First Baptist Ashdown, this morning.  A very pretty mid-sized church, and one of the friendliest we've ever visited.  We were greeted first thing by the pastor, Butch Riddle.  He was standing in the entry as we came in, and made us feel so very welcome. He let us know right quick that he is from Fort Worth, Texas!  But he has been preaching here for well over 20 years. 

We enjoyed the morning service so much, we returned for the evening service.  The youth group performed the show they have performed at other churches.  They call themselves First Act, and they are good.  They sang, performed a couple of dramatic skits, and even signed to several songs.  It was very creative and very well done.

After the morning service, we ate at Medrano's Mexican Café.  Pretty good stuff.  Since we come to Millwood Landing pretty often, we are happy to have found a church and a Mexican restaurant that we enjoy!



Today being Father's Day, our kids were on our minds a lot today.  We've been blessed with two of the best.  And our children are blessed to have the Cowboy for their dad.  He's the hardest working man I've ever known, as well as the most tender hearted. 

We are also both missing our own dads today.  We were both blessed with hard working, Godly, honest, generous, larger-than-life fathers. 

Yes, it's certainly been a day to reflect on just how blessed we are, in so many ways.

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